Integrity is the centerpiece of our investment advisory practice.  Our fee-only compensation structure avoids the potential impropriety that can accompany trading commissions or other hidden incentives.  Our reporting process provides the transparency to ensure clients receive unbiased recommendations.  Our advisors are Investment Advisor Representatives who are ethically and legally obligated to place the client’s interests first.

Our investment advisory team takes the time to understand your personal investment objectives before developing creative and customized solutions to meet your individual needs. Since income taxes are often a significant impediment to a successful investment strategy, we give special emphasis to tax efficiency when constructing portfolios; we refer to this as "asset location."  We don’t waste time pretending to have a crystal ball.  Instead, our practical approach focuses on managing events within our sphere of control, such as selecting low cost and low risk securities that we are confident will achieve your objectives.

At Moser Wealth Advisors, we are proud of our long-term relationships developed through our creative and personalized style of serving client needs -- and delivering solid returns.  To make clients' lives easier, we remain easily accessible, tailor our service to individual preferences and often assume administrative tasks to help clients achieve success.  As a result, clients feel we communicate well without providing unnecessary detail.

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