By Brenda Guerrero

“The best way to get something done is to begin…”  Many of us talk about the steps that will lead us to meeting our financial planning goals.  Sadly, when we don’t follow through, it is to our detriment and that of our loved ones.   

Aging parents, for example, who have not planned for a transition in life expose their children to undue hardships.  For example:

Inaction to seek and implement professional advice on how to manage transitions in life – changes in income/expenses, changes in life style, and related tax consequences.  
Failing to keep up the maintenance of their home may lead to selling their home for less.  
Deferring the timing for relocating to a smaller more manageable property before the larger family home overwhelms family members who become responsible for selling the home and searching for an aging parents more suitable replacement home.  
Apathy toward maintaining a healthy active life style leads to premature disability and rising health costs.

Holding yourself accountable to create and follow your plan as well as revisiting the plan as circumstances warrant is the key to success. We are here to help you stay on task so please do not hesitate to ask for help!